I. Terms
Payment for goods received from ARROWHEAD ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS INC. may be made with company check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. COD orders are also accepted. Subject to prior credit review and authorization, open accounts (net 30 days) are available. All accounts are due and payable within 30 days of invoice date. A service charge of 1 ½% PER MONTH will be charged on the invoices unpaid by the last of the month after due date. THIS IS AN ANNUAL PERCENTAGE OF 18%. In the case of a returned check a $30.00 fee will be charged, as well as any additional collection and/or attorney’s fees.

II. Conditions 
If a customer’s purchase order, which may contain a phrase, or clause, that in any way attempts to change, modify, restrict, or eliminate any of the terms and conditions outlined here, ARROWHEAD ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS, INC. terms and conditions shall remain fully in effect.
III. Claims 
Claims must be made within 7 days. Claims for damages in transit must be filed with the transportation company, as they assume all responsibility after goods are received by them. We recommend the damaged shipping carton be retained or the damage photographed.
IV. Returns 
ALL RETURNS REQUIRE PRIOR AUTHORIZATION FROM ARROWHEAD ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS. Please call for an authorization number before returning any parts for exchange or credit. Returns, except those due to our error, are subject to a 20% handling charge. Enclose a packing slip or original invoice with all returns and note our authorization number on the outside of the shipping box. All returns must be freight prepaid. NOTE: Unauthorized returns or return of parts not purchased from Arrowhead Electrical Products will result in no credit.
V. Core Returns 
UNIT CORES - All unit cores should be returned to ARROWHEAD in the original carton of the replacement unit purchased from Arrowhead. In order to receive full credit, units must have been purchased within 6 months of the core return, and all cores must be intact and fully assembled. All cores must be shipped pre-paid by the customer, and include a copy of the original invoice. 
SUB-COMPONENT CORES -The sub-components for which ARROWHEAD charges a core charge may be returned for core credit, if the item was purchased within 6 months of the return. Cores should be sent freight pre-paid. Any core received which Arrowhead does not have a core charge for, or are deemed not re-buildable, will result in no credit issued.
VI. Sales Tax 
Customer will assume sales tax responsibility where applicable.
VII. Warranty
ARROWHEAD ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS, INC. will warrant any product it sells to be free of defect in parts and workmanship upon initial use or installation only. Furthermore, ARROWHEAD ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS, INC. will not be liable for any more than the repair, replacement, or credit of the item purchased up to it’s original purchase price, and the cause of said defect must be due to a manufacturer’s part or workmanship. ARROWHEAD ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS INC. will not be liable for any consequential damages, labor claims, loss of profits, personal injury, or any other form of real or perceived loss which may arise from the failure of said product. Although every attempt is made to ensure that the information contained in our catalogs is correct, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine if the product will fit the need. No credit or warranty will be issued on any product that has been mishandled, abused, or has failed because of an external force acting upon it. NO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED ON ANY UNIT THAT HAS BEEN OPENED, OR MODIFIED, IN ANY WAY. Also, products cannot be warranted when used in applications not intended. If credit is denied for any of these, or other reasons, the customer will have the option to have the items returned at the customer’s expense, or scrapped, AND NO PRODUCTS SOLD BY ARROWHEAD ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS, INC., SHALL BE DEEMED SUITABLE FOR AIRCRAFT. This warranty is in lieu of any other warranties, whether expressed, or implied. No warranty of any kind can be given on any product not returned within twelve (12) months of the date of purchase, or on any products returned without a copy of the original invoice. CDI products are not warrantable.
 VIII. Shipping Errors
Any errors in shipping, whether it is a shortage, overage, or damage, MUST be reported to ARROWHEAD ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS, INC. within seven (7) days of receipt of shipment in order to receive any credit.
IX. Shipping 
All prices are FOB - shipping point.